Udon Soup

We haven’t been able to find the soup base lately, but if you can get your hands on it (or something similar), this is an easy, fast, delicious dinner. Add whatever vegetables you want and udon noodles (the frozen ones are way better than the dried) and you’re good to go.

Our favourite lasagna

Lasagna is a true favourite for us. It’s comforting, filling, and can be stretched over a few meals. The other day, we made the best lasagna we’ve ever made. Over the years, I learned that the key to good lasagna is: ample tomato sauce and bechamel, a lot of layers, and always having sauce + one dairy component between each sheet of pasta.

Dinner Ideas 8/31-9/6

Breakfast is easy. It’s almost always oatmeal and occasionally a smoothie bowl. Lunch time is very low-maintenance (leftovers, toast, eggs, salad). But dinner is tough.

The past few months it’s become more and more of a struggle to figure out what to cook. So, I’m going to start keeping a record of what we eat for dinner. My hope is that this will provide some inspiration for my future self and whoever else wants to follow along.

For the week of August 31-September 6, we ate:
-A tweaked version of Smitten Kitchen’s corn fritters. They were great. I made a bunch and froze them for an easy, quick meal. We had some salad and sweet potato fries on the side.

-Some Greek salad, which is a little heartier because of the feta. We ate it with sourdough, smothered in the sundried tomato pesto from this video (the soup is also one of our favorites).

-I made a big batch of my vegan bolognese. I froze 2/3s of it for later use.

-A quick hashbrown (grated potato, onion, salt pepper, fried in a pan), topped with some avocado and scrambled egg.

-Our favourite lasagna.

-We snacked on a date and coconut version of these chewy granola bars.

Simple Bean Salad

November 21

In the past, I would have hesitated before posting this recipe. It would have seemed too commonplace and simple. Instead, I loved how this site was a place where I could push myself to make more complicated recipes and experiment with different flavours. However, this is the kind of recipe that I am desperate for lately and I am so glad to have a place to keep it. How could I have ever thought twice about posting a recipe that gets better as it sits, is fast, cheap and easy to make, and is healthy and filling at the same time? Right now, this is exactly the type of recipe that I want to have at the ready, that I can draw on when my mind is totally blank about what to keep in the fridge for lunch. Even more importantly for me, I love that this bean salad takes up a small amount of prep space and creates minimal mess. Now that I’m working in such a small kitchen, this has become a priority for me and I am making more and more recipes that don’t result in kitchen chaos (which happens very quickly and easily these days).

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