japanese inspired popcorn

Japanese Inspired Popcorn

April 26

Most days I feel like all I do is snack. I eat all day long and always feel partially satisfied. I am constantly jumping back and forth between wanting salty, sweet and savoury food. Some chocolate here, avocado there, and normally for my salty craving, I go for some popcorn. Popcorn is especially satisfying as a snack because just a small amount of kernels turns into a huge bowl of popcorn. Eating a few pieces at a time also means that it lasts a little longer than most other things I munch on, which is always a good thing. I pretty much always make my popcorn the same way. Making sure it is salty but also that there is a little bit of spice and sweetness balancing it out. This miso butter, togariashi spiced concoction is not my usual fare but it’s definitely something special.

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vietnamese pancakes recipe

Vietnamese Pancakes

April 22

I am pretty sure these vietnamese savoury pancakes were on the original list of brainstorming that I did when I started this blog almost two years ago. I have made them countless times since, but I have always resisted putting them up here because they were always the biggest pain in the ass to make (not anymore, don’t worry!). They were the type of dinner that I always enjoyed eating but would spend my time cursing the kitchen gods (pancake making gods to be more precise) the whole way through. The pancakes would crack, fall apart, and I would end up eating a deconstructed version of the lovely meal you see above over and over again.

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triple chocolate pancakes

Triple Chocolate Pancakes

April 18

Triple chocolate pancakes are delicious. Is this a surprise to anyone? Probably not. Unfortunately, this is the first time I have actually made (and possible ever eaten) triple chocolate pancakes. While chocolate chip pancakes are definitely pretty standard, triple chocolate is less so. So, when my boyfriend suggested we make chocolate chip pancakes, I felt pretty original (and excited) when I one-upped him with suggesting a triple chocolate version.

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Power-Packed Granola Bars Recipe

Power-Packed Granola Bars

April 14

Now that it’s been consistently nice out, I have been able to run outside. I always find, no matter how much I think that I am staying active and keeping in shape at the gym over the winter, the first run outside pretty much kills me. On top of making me super sleepy, running makes me pretty hungry. I am definitely one of those people who has to eat before and after they work out or my energy stores plummet to zero. It always feels like going for a run takes every last bit of energy out of me. While I usually depend on smoothies to get me through, it’s also nice to have a snack hanging around when you get home. Sometimes you just need something to actually chew on.

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