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Vegetarian Stuffing and Gravy

vegetarian stuffing and gravy
October 11

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we were invited last minute to a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone that doesn’t have family around this time of year. To be honest, I don’t have very strong memories of Thanksgiving and so I don’t have many traditions that I draw on in my mind. Of course I think of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce but those are things that I haven’t eaten for years. So, when I was thinking of things I could bring, a vegetarian stuffing and gravy came to mind right away. I have been wanting to make a vegetarian gravy for a very long time (especially to be able to use on poutine) and whenever there was stuffing that wasn’t stuffed in the bird or made with meat stock, it was always a treat.

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2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Stuffing and Gravy

  1. This. looks. fantastic! I was worried there wouldn’t be a lot of vegetarian stuffing recipes, it is a big part of the British christmas holidays as well and since I live in Scotland Thanksgiving isn’t really celebrated – but this recipe is kind of tempting me to do it anyway!
    I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving 😀 x

    1. Thanks Jules! We had a nice Thanksgiving. I will definitely be making this outside of the holiday season too (:

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