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Mushroom Pâté

July 6

I lived in London for about a year and, by far, my favorite part of the city was all of the amazing markets. When I left, it was definitely the thing that I missed the most (other than the people of course!). Beyond the amazing food that you could buy, the best thing about the markets is that there was an abundance of free samples at all of the stalls. You could spend the afternoon walking around, touching everything and getting a small taste from all of the different vendors. One of the most delicious thing that I tasted in all of my forays through the markets was the mushroom pâté at Borough Market. Every time I would go to Borough I would make a beeline to the mushroom pâté man (who, on top of everything, was super cute). I had never even heard of mushroom pâté before Borough Market, let alone imagined how delicious it could be, but it was. And it’s not just me, every person that I know that tried this stuff raved about it.

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