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Power-Packed Granola Bars Recipe

Power-Packed Granola Bars

April 14

Now that it’s been consistently nice out, I have been able to run outside. I always find, no matter how much I think that I am staying active and keeping in shape at the gym over the winter, the first run outside pretty much kills me. On top of making me super sleepy, running makes me pretty hungry. I am definitely one of those people who has to eat before and after they work out or my energy stores plummet to zero. It always feels like going for a run takes every last bit of energy out of me. While I usually depend on smoothies to get me through, it’s also nice to have a snack hanging around when you get home. Sometimes you just need something to actually chew on.

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Green Smoothie

August 26

Last week I was visiting a friend and she introduced me to this smoothie.I am totally a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast. It’s not that I’m against eating new things, I just always go back to my trusty bowl of cereal and fruit. So, when my friend asked me what kind of smoothie I wanted for breakfast I was super original and suggested banana and yogurt.

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Frozen Banana with Chocolate

July 2

I’ve never lived anywhere where the possibility of a natural disaster was a regular thing. I think that it would be absolutely terrifying to live in a place where wild fires or tornados were a yearly occurrence, so the flooding here in Calgary was definitely a new experience. It’s crazy to think that we were so close to area that was flooded. A few streets over and we would have been under water. Luckily we were only evacuated for a few days and got to camp out with some lovely people. We were extremely lucky and really, the only thing we lost were the entire contents of our freezer and fridge because we had no electricity for a few days.

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