Mushroom Pâté

July 6 I lived in London for about a year and, by far, my favorite part of the city was all of the amazing markets. When I left, it was definitely the thing that I missed the most (other than the people of course!). Beyond the amazing food that you could buy, the best thing […]

Frozen Banana with Chocolate

July 2 I’ve never lived anywhere where the possibility of a natural disaster was a regular thing. I think that it would be absolutely terrifying to live in a place where wild fires or tornados were a yearly occurrence, so the flooding here in Calgary was definitely a new experience. It’s crazy to think that […]

Blackberry Challah French Toast

June 20 I’ll admit, I ate this for dinner, and what a glorious dinner it was! I made some blackberry filled Challah dreaming of the french toast that it would eventually become. I threw half of the loaf in the freezer (it is a huge loaf of bread) and waited patiently for Sunday night when […]

Challah with Blackberry Filling

June 18 The first time that I made bread it was a total disaster, it didn’t rise, it didn’t taste very good, but boy, was it exciting. I find it fascinating to watch the yeast activate and froth up, and the dough rise and transform into something completely different. It really is an amazing process […]