Grapefruit Raspberry Drink Recipe

June 22

The first time I had fresh juice that really blew my mind was when we were travelling through Asia. In Malaysia and Vietnam, we had the most delicious and cheap fruit juices that were so bright and flavorful, every time we had one it felt like a real treat. Ever since then, I thought it would be wonderous to be able to make my own juice at home. In the end though, I thought that a juicer was kind of extravagant, both in terms of spending the money and giving up the counter space.

But, a couple of months ago my boyfriend bought me one for my birthday and I can’t get enough.
The juicer is everything I could ever hope for. As much as I think it is a healthy habit to get into, I mostly enjoy it because it is so delicious. I buy massive amounts of fruit at superstore and get fresh juice almost every day. I don’t think I will ever go back to store-bought juices again.
I know that most people out there don’t have juicers, so I told myself that it wouldn’t be a very good idea to write a post about juicing, but this one is great whether you have a juicer or not. You can easily juice the grapefruits the traditional way (i.e. squeezing) or cut the flesh in chunks and throw them in a blender. The juice is so refreshing and pretty with the raspberries at the bottom of each glass and the mint floating on top.

It’s a perfect summer drink.

Grapefruit Raspberry Drink Recipe

Serving Size: Serves 2-3

It's great if your grapefruits are cold before you juice them. That way the juice is cold without having to add too many ice cubes, which will just water it down.

The raspberries will sink to the bottom, and depending on how much you crush them, you can scoop them out of the bottom with a spoon once you are finished with the juice.

You can top with perrier or other sparkling water if you want some fizz, but I thought that it just diluted the fruit flavor.

1/3 cup raspberries
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
6 medium sized grapefruits, juiced
Handful of fresh mint, leaves picked and roughly torn

In a small bowl crush your raspberries with your sugar. Depending on how the sweetness of your grapefruits, you may want to adjust this amount.

On the bottom of each glass, spoon your raspberries and top with grapefruit juice and mint.

Serve cold.

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