Crumbled Tofu Salad

May 30, 2013

Just before we moved to Vancouver we spent 4 weeks in Japan. I loved it there. It’s one of the only places that I have visited that I would want to go back to before hitting up all of the other places on my long, long list of places I want to see one day. The food was a big part of how much we enjoyed our time there. I wasn’t very familiar with Japanese food (beyond sushi) before we traveled there, and I was surprised at how much deliciousness was out there to discover. It was pretty great when we moved to Vancouver, which is probably one of the best places outside of Japan in terms of the availability and authenticity of their Japanese food.

We only lived in Vancouver for a short time but there was one restaurant that quickly became our go-to for any sort of celebration- birthdays, anniversaries, visitors. Occasionally, I would want to be original and take advantage of the fact that we were willing to spend a little more money on a meal to try another restaurant we wouldn’t normally go to, but we always ended back at Miku. I don’t even remember how we came across it but Miku restaurant is legitimately the best restaurant I have ever been to in my life.

I’m not saying that I haven’t had equally exciting or tasty meals, but as a whole, in terms of consistency and wanting to eat everything on the menu it wins hands down.

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