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Rosemary Apple Pie

October 18

Last week, I was brainstorming what I could bring to a Thanksgiving potluck as dessert and my boyfriend just kept repeating “What about apple pie?”. In the end, the idea grew on me and I went straight to researching all sorts of different pies. The closest I have ever come to making a pie before was when I made a strawberry galette, last summer. After reading about countless different types of apple and other fruit pies I made a couple of key decisions. First, I wanted a simple, flaky crust but only on the bottom. I saw a bunch of pies that had a crumble topping and I thought it was genius: you get buttery pastry and a crunchy, nutty top? Definitely the best of both worlds. Also, so that I wouldn’t have to use too much sugar I decided to use both tart and sweet apples in the filling, spiced with some nutmeg and cinnamon. Lastly, because I wanted to put a little twist on things, I decided I wanted to put rosemary throughout the pie: in the crust, topping and filling. I love rosemary and apples (actually I love rosemary with fruit and in desserts, generally)! And that’s how this rosemary apple pie was born.

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Rosemary Honey Popcorn

December 20

Poppity-corn time! Before you read this post, I strongly encourage you to watch this video to inspire you to make some popcorn yourself. Even better, you can watch it while you make some popcorn for some extra entertainment. Hopefully making popcorn won’t be as eventful for you as it was for me (or Swedish chef- watch the video I tell you!). I have to admit that I felt like it was a bit of a cop-out putting a popcorn recipe up here. I mean, how hard could it be? Little did I know I would end up swimming in bowls and bowls of popcorn failures by the end of this. Luckily, at the end of the road there was one glorious success! This honey rosemary popcorn is delicious. Ever since I tasted apricot rosemary jam in Scotland a few years ago (which also inspired this), using rosemary in a sweet application has opened up tons of tasty doors.

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Apricot Rosemary Crisp

May 31, 2013

apricot crumble
I was in Scotland a couple of years ago. Every morning for breakfast we would have the most delicious multi-grain bread with apricot rosemary jam. Months later, when I was home and unemployed, I decided it was time to recreate the jam. I went on a canning spree and made a bunch of different jams, and the apricot rosemary one was the most successful. I used it to mix into my yogurt and to eat with freshly baked scones and bread.

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