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Simple Bean Salad

November 21

In the past, I would have hesitated before posting this recipe. It would have seemed too commonplace and simple. Instead, I loved how this site was a place where I could push myself to make more complicated recipes and experiment with different flavours. However, this is the kind of recipe that I am desperate for lately and I am so glad to have a place to keep it. How could I have ever thought twice about posting a recipe that gets better as it sits, is fast, cheap and easy to make, and is healthy and filling at the same time? Right now, this is exactly the type of recipe that I want to have at the ready, that I can draw on when my mind is totally blank about what to keep in the fridge for lunch. Even more importantly for me, I love that this bean salad takes up a small amount of prep space and creates minimal mess. Now that I’m working in such a small kitchen, this has become a priority for me and I am making more and more recipes that don’t result in kitchen chaos (which happens very quickly and easily these days).

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April 3

My strategy to come up with a meal when I don’t know what to make (i.e. almost every night) is to think to myself, “ok, pick: grain, vegetable, sauce” and then I normally come up with something decent. For example, soba noodles, broccoli and peanut sauce or quinoa, sweet potato and miso tahini. Anyway, you get the idea. Sometimes though, it is fun to make your own ‘grain’ component. This is probably one of the easiest, most no-fail type of recipes that you can go for. I would also say that it is fast, but there is a little resting time involved. Regardless, there is very little work on your end, especially when you think of alternatives like kneading pasta dough or making gnocchi.

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Cheap Eats: Lentil Soup

November 4

There is something so satisfying about going to the store and spending next to nothing for everything you need for a good hearty meal (or two). For me, the ultimate embodiment of that is this soup recipe. What made me think of sharing this with you? Well, quite the opposite. Last weekend we decided to have a special Saturday night at home and cook a nice dinner for ourselves. On top of the fact that I am less than enticed by the restaurants we have tried since we’ve moved here, a fancy dinner at home usually costs as much as a cheap dinner out, so I usually prefer the at-home route when it’s all about the food (I realize that sometimes it is good to get out of the house for other reasons). We went to the fish store and got a bunch of shellfish and made a wonderful bouillabaisse. I was actually pretty sad that I couldn’t photograph any of it (it was way too dark) because it was absolutely delicious and felt like such a special meal (hopefully I will re-make it in the eventual future and share it here!).

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July 12

I really hate being wrong. It is not one of my best qualities but it’s true. And I’ll admit, in the case of rosti v latke I was definitely wrong. Over the past few months, I have been making latkes, which are shredded potato pancakes traditionally served during the Jewish holiday Hannukah, for dinner. My boyfriend maintained that rosti was so much better than latke and we should really make those instead. I thought he was being ridiculous, “Rostis are just giant latkes!” I would say, rolling my eyes, “they taste exactly the same”. Well, I was wrong.

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