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triple hazelnut ice cream

Triple Hazelnut Ice Cream

May 1

It’s birthday time! Every year since I started this blog, I’ve posted the sweet treat that I make for my partner’s birthday (apparently I also use the exact same candle in the photos every year). He’s not into traditional birthday cake, so I always try to make something different, especially delicious and a little over the top. It needs to be special. Normally, I make something that has a nostalgic feel to it. Two years ago it was a bienenstich cake that harkened back to his days working at a German bakery and last year I made chocolate babka, which was something that we both loved growing up. This year, I decided to go with ice cream. Without a doubt, it is his favourite sweet food. Of course, since I was making it from scratch, everything was possible in terms of the flavours and add-ins. I decided to play around with chocolate and hazelnut and ended up with this triple hazelnut ice cream.

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chocolate babka

Chocolate Babka

April 30

It’s that time of year again. A few days ago it was my boyfriend’s birthday. For special occasions, we don’t buy gifts for one another but we always make sure there are homemade cards. On birthdays, there is also always cake. Even though I make the cake for him, I also like to take the opportunity to try something complicated and new. Something I wouldn’t normally spend the time on. The catch is, he does not particularly like cake. So every year, I make a cake-but-not-quite-cake creation. Basically, it has to be something sweet that we can stick a candle in.

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