Summer Crepes with Ricotta

August 21 Making crepes is scary. It was one of those moments where you pour the batter into the pan and it looks impossibly thin. How will this ever flip over without ripping to a million pieces? How can this possibly cook evenly? Become golden brown in such a short time? And then it did. […]

strawberry muffin tin cakes recipe

Strawberry Muffin Tin Cakes

February 2 Sundays are usually our cooking days. Even though the days are getting longer, I have been working so much during the days that Sundays have now also become blog recipe making days. I whip a few things together that I’ve been waiting to make all week and photograph furiously while the sun is […]

Persimmon and Pomegranate Overnight Oats

November 19 Two of the things that I miss over the summer are pomegranates and persimmons. Pomegranates are a staple in my home when they are in season. I usually de-seed a couple at a time and keep the seeds in a bowl in the fridge. There is nothing as satisfying as popping those, juicy, […]

Broiled Grapefruit

November 11 Who comes up with these things? Until recently, there was one and only one way to eat a grapefruit: slice in half, use a really small spoon to scoop out segments, squeeze juice into a bowl, drink juice. Now, however, my grapefruit universe has expanded to include this wondrous creation: the broiled grapefruit. […]