blueberry and lemon cake

Blueberry and Lemon Cake

June 30 I have to admit, I get really stumped and slightly stressed when I have to make food for other people. Last week, we were going to a BBQ and other than knowing I wanted to make something sweet (I love sharing my sweet creations with other people so that the two of us […]

healthy blueberry smoothie recipe

Simply Blueberry Smoothie

December 12 Apples and hydrants and cheeks kissed with cold A fire is flashing, a paint stroke is bold Red is the booth from which you can phone Red is iconic, red is alone A cloudless sky at noon, a cloudless sky at night The deep, deepest sea. Ink, spilled when you write Blue is […]

Summer Crepes with Ricotta

August 21 Making crepes is scary. It was one of those moments where you pour the batter into the pan and it looks impossibly thin. How will this ever flip over without ripping to a million pieces? How can this possibly cook evenly? Become golden brown in such a short time? And then it did. […]

healthy coconut and blueberry stacks recipe

Healthy Coconut and Blueberry Stacks

August 12 Hello out there. It feels like I haven’t been around these parts in ages. I have so many ideas bursting in my head and I just haven’t been in the kitchen at all. I miss it. Eating out, especially when travelling, is always a treat but I usually start to miss cooking after […]