Healthy Coconut and Blueberry Stacks

healthy coconut and blueberry stacks recipe
August 12

Hello out there. It feels like I haven’t been around these parts in ages. I have so many ideas bursting in my head and I just haven’t been in the kitchen at all. I miss it. Eating out, especially when travelling, is always a treat but I usually start to miss cooking after a couple of weeks. After I eat out for so many days in a row, I also start to crave everything green and light, so it’s kind of ironic that I am posting a dessert after all of this time, but sometimes (always) I want a (fairly) healthy, easy, fast, light snack that is fully satisfying. There is also some chocolate involved to help with my ever-present chocolate cravings (personally, I am always looking for a healthy-ish chocolatey snack, like this one), so it’s definitely an overall winner in my books.

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