Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

September 26

I find it amazing how entrenched we can become in some of our habits and how, at the same time, we can create new ones if we are forced to. What made me come to this deep, philosophical realization? Cereal. I think I have eaten cereal for breakfast pretty much every morning of my entire life. Of course, weekends bring about variety like eggs or french toast but during the week it was always cereal. I pretty much binge on one brand for a while and then cut it out completely, moving onto the next one. Lately, my go-to has been all bran with some sort of fruit, mostly bananas. Every morning, I wake up and almost sub-consciously I reach for the cereal box. I couldn’t imagine eating anything else. Even when I discovered the best green smoothie ever, I still couldn’t integrate it into my breakfast rotation.

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