vegan banana nutella shake recipe

Vegan “Nutella” Banana Shake

September 9

My boyfriend used to make us the best mango milkshakes ever. They were creamy, sweet, and refreshing all at the same time. Then I saw what he was putting in them (i.e. 4-5 huge scoops of ice cream for two people) and I wasn’t surprised that they tasted so good, but I was also less inclined to drink them at the rate we used to. I thought of these a couple of weeks ago when we were in Vancouver. We went to a milkshake place and my boyfriend and his friend got nutella banana milkshakes, which were absolutely outstanding. It looked like the guy behind making them used half a tub of nutella, half a tub of ice cream, a couple of bananas and milk for the drinks, so it wasn’t the biggest shocker that they tasted great.

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