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Cinnamon Raisin Bread

January 27

Who doesn’t love raisin bread? I feel like everyone should love raisin bread! If this is the case (and it might not be) I find it very surprising that over the past few years, and places that we’ve lived, we have found it pretty hard to find raisin bread in bakeries (shame on you Vancouver and Calgary). I am not claiming that we have done a thorough investigation on the raisin bread front, but whenever we have gone to bakeries, we have never come across a nice loaf of raisin bread. In my mind, raisin bread is a pretty normal thing to have around. My boyfriend used to work at a German bakery in Montreal and they sold the BEST raisin bread in the world. I have to admit that it was a more dessert-like bread, made rich with quark and crusty with a sugary top.

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