spiced frozen hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream

Iced Spiced Hot Chocolate

May 31 I can’t drink coffee, even if it’s decaf it makes me feel completely horrible and weird. Every once and a while I forget how crappy it makes me feel, try it again, and then swear it off for another couple of months. This means that when I go to get ‘coffee’ I never […]

Sambal Green Beans and Eggplant

November 22 As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Vancouver last week. While there were many awesome things about visiting, one of the things that I forgot (or repressed?) was how many restaurants I love in that city. I only lived in Vancouver for about two years, and for a good chunk […]

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

November 1 Long gone are the days where turning on my oven felt like a pain and standing in front of it was a sweltering inconvenience. Nowadays, I am using it all the time because roasting vegetables gives them a flavour and depth that other methods of cooking can’t replicate. This brings me to the […]