sweet potato wedges recipe

Sweet Potato Wedges

December 20 A few weeks ago, I made a pretty horrendous dinner. Half of it was literally inedible and the other half was a huge plate of mushy sweet potato wedges. While it was edible, it was not great. The potatoes had gone to mush and were pretty burnt on the outside. Slathered in mayonnaise […]

Warm Portobello Mushroom Salad

May 13 This past weekend, we went back to Vancouver for a few days. Not only did we have a bunch of people we wanted to see, but a list of restaurants where we wanted to eat. The list was way too long for the time we had, but we certainly ate well when we […]

Avocado Fries

May 5 I have to admit, my first reaction when you say ‘warm avocado’ is not good. Avocado is fresh, belongs in salad and definitely cold. Well, avocado is also creamy and rich, and I have to admit, delicious warm. If you’ve never had panko crusted, fried avocado, you are missing out. Creamy, crispy and […]