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fried okra recipe

Fried Okra with Remoulade

November 7

One of my favourite restaurants to go to when we lived in Vancouver was Chewies. What was strange was that I liked the food, but I wasn’t completely crazy about it. I just loved the ambience (and the oysters if it was a special occasion). The one thing I always made sure to order when we went was the fried okra with remoulade. That, I was pretty crazy about. So, imagine my disappointment when I went back to Chewies the last time we were in town and they told us that the fried okra had been taken off the menu. How could they get rid of that crispy, crunchy goodness that I could dip in a creamy, slightly spicy, tangy sauce. There was only one thing left to do.

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roasted potato salad recipe

Roasted Potato Salad

June 23

This week, when we went to the grocery store, we bought some mini potatoes and mini bananas because they were too cute to pass up. Does anyone else do this? I often buy things because they’re cute or their colours are so vibrant, it’s hard to resist. I get an insane amount of pleasure looking at beautiful produce, which is probably why markets are one of my favourite places in the world. Either way, after buying food based on how it looks, without a dish in mind, it’s time to get creative. While I absolutely love plain, simply roasted potatoes, I thought I would jazz these little guys up and make a roasted potato salad instead.

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Miso Butter Corn

May 28

Corn is back in town! Last week we bought our first batch of corn and it was delicious. I really miss produce like nectarines, asparagus and corn when it’s out of season, so I can pretty much guarantee that for as long as corn is available, I will be buying it week after week. Normally I just boil the corn and then toss it in butter, salt, pepper and occasionally some cayenne. No doubt, it’s delicious like that, but this miso butter corn is absolutely out of this world. It’s fast and simple to make and you end up with a far superior product: a light lunch or hearty side that no one will complain about.

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Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing

April 17

I was in a little bit of a salad dressing rut. I went from someone who was extremely not-confident in throwing together a dressing to someone who could basically put one together completely mindlessly, but as it turns out, it was always the same one. I always turned to mustard for a kick, so whether I used honey or maple syrup for sweetness, cider vinegar or lemon for acidity, I always ended up with a very mustardy tasting result. No problem, but sometimes a girl needs some variety in her life.

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