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black sesame challah

Black Sesame Challah

January 12

It’s been far too long since we have had french toast. There have been a number of occasions when we wanted to make it so badly that we’ve gone to the local pharmacy (the closest store to us that sells any sort of food) to find bread. Alas, we could not bring ourselves to buy the wonderbread-esque stuff that they sell, so it’s been a while. Yesterday, though, was our ten year anniversary so on top of feeling hungry, I was feeling nostalgic. French toast is our special breakfast food. Before I learned how to make scones, pancakes or crepes, french toast was our thing. So, I knew that I had to make some challah in preparation for a very special Sunday morning french toast meal.

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orange, sesame and banana smoothie recipe

Orange, Sesame and Banana Smoothie

July 16

I used to be a cereal-only girl for weekday breakfasts. But, I can confidently say, that is no longer the case. Now, I am generally a cereal or smoothie or oatmeal breakfast lady. I think I can attribute this change to working from home. There is something nice about eating the same thing every morning that makes it so much easier, faster, and more predictable (in terms of how much food you have to bring to the office, what time you’re going to get hungry etc) when you’re working from an office; luckily, I don’t have to concern myself with consistency anymore.

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Black Sesame Ice Cream

May 22

By far the best (and possibly most expensive?) gelato place in Vancouver is Bella Gelateria. It was certainly a treat when we lived there but when we visit a couple times a year, we always try to go (as long as the line-up isn’t too long). On top of the amazing texture of the gelato, the flavours are unique and beyond delicious. Last time we went I finally had pandan, which is a leaf that is used in Southeast Asian cooking and has a completely unique flavour, I can’t really describe it. If I ever come across the leaves, I will definitely have to try out making it at home. In the meantime, my boyfriend got black sesame last time we were there and when I saw the black sesames in the store this week, I knew I had to give some ice cream a shot.

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