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April 21

When I first created this blog almost a year (eek!) ago, what I was the most excited about was to get super adventurous in the kitchen. Instead of cooking the same thing over and over again, I would be forced to make something new and blog-worthy every few days, discovering tons of new recipes and flavor combinations. While this has certainly been the case, sometimes I forget about the things that I used to cook <b>before</b> the blog came about. This gumbo is one of those meals we would put together now and again and it was always delicious. I haven’t made it in ages and somehow it came to mind the other day and it was as delicious as I remember it this time around.

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Crab and Corn Soup

June 28

The other day I bought some corn intending to eat it plain and simple, straight off the cob. Then a distant memory of seeing someone make corn stock got stuck in my head and I decided I needed to make some corn soup. I have no idea where I heard of the idea of making corn stock but from what I remembered you just boiled the cobs in some water and you had a nice flavorful stock. It seemed easy enough and even if it didn’t work I would have tons of corn kernels ready to eat however I wanted. I really liked the idea of actually using the cobs, which I have only ever thrown out.

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Mussels with Ancho Chilli Sauce

June 10

I never really understood the joy in eating a giant bowlful of mussels but then again, I do love sauce. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy dipping a fresh, buttered piece of bread, into a delicious sauce. And this Ancho chilli sauce really is great. I have had it a number of times and by the end of the meal someone is sheepishly drinking the remnants out of their bowl or foregoing their seafood for bread and sauce.

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