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Banana Split Ice Cream

August 20

So, at first I was planning on making roasted banana ice cream. I thought that it sounded delicious and simple and clearly (if you look at my other dessert recipes), I am a fan of bananas in dessert. Of course my next thought was ‘wouldn’t roasted banana ice cream be even better with the addition of chocolate?’. Of course the answer was yes, but this made me think of a banana split, hence, the addition of some strawberry sauce swirl. Although I had a few concerns about complicating the flavors of the ice cream, it turned out as fantastic as I had hoped.

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Chocolate Pudding with Roasted Bananas

July 10

We were in superstore the other day and they were giving out samples of pudding. I didn’t have any but my boyfriend did and he asked me if it was even possible to make pudding at home. I said of course it was possible (although I had no idea how). Generally, I am pretty uptight about having any sort of packaged, processed snacks in the house, so a while ago, I said that as long as we don’t buy any pre-made stuff I would be happy to have a hand at making it (within reason). So, let the pudding adventures begin!

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