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tamago on rice recipe

Tamago, Rice and Greens

October 22

My egg universe has recently expanded. I have certainly used eggs as a vessel to eat a lot of things. Omelettes, in particular have been a way to eat both classic and more unusual flavours. However, when I eat my eggs scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled I tend to season them with some salt and pepper at the most. I never actually considered flavouring the eggs themselves with anything else,¬†until I came across My Name is Yeh’s tamago recipe.

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Black Pepper Tofu

September 11

I hardly ever cook with tofu. A lot of people are surprised when they hear that and usually the first question they as is: how do you get your protein? I’m always fairly confused about this. I don’t really think too consciously about including protein in my diet. I kind of just assume if I eat healthily and diversify my diet that I should be fine. Regardless, I have nothing against tofu, I just always go back to our standard stir fry with spicy peanut sauce or miso soup when I buy it, which isn’t overly inspiring.

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June 4, 2013

We couldn’t bring the majority of our pantry staples with us when we moved. The movers warned us that any bottle with liquid in it was liable to explode on the way to Calgary because of fluctuations in temperatures, so as much as it was hard (and costly) to part with all of our jars and cans, no one wants fish sauce all over their things. As a result, I was ‘forced’ to go wild when it was time to re-stock our kitchen with the basics. For all of our Asian ingredients we made an excursion to T & T, a giant Asian supermarket with everything I could ever hope for. One of the things we picked up was kimchi, which I’ve never cooked with before, and I had no idea what to do with it.

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