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Peanut and Farro soup recipe

Peanut and Farro Soup

January 6

I don’t think I have ever seen peanut soup on a menu or have been served it at someone’s house, but it’s something that has popped up a bunch once I started being active on pinterest. It looked very appealing to me and I have been meaning to try to make it for a long time now. I finally got around to it the other day when I wanted to whip up something new to photograph on a whim. The light was fading fast and I needed something that I could make with the limited ingredients in my fridge and pantry and that would be ready quickly.

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Gado Gado (ish?)

July 21

Let me start this post off by saying that I am not 100% sure what gado gado is supposed to taste like. My one and only experience with it was at the Naam, a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver (that is certainly not known for authentic Indonesian food) with a perpetual line. We ate there the last time we were in town. It was an awkward time, between when you’re supposed to eat lunch and you’re supposed to eat dinner, and we hadn’t eaten anything. I chose the salad because I thought it would be light and wouldn’t ruin my appetite for the ample amount of sushi I needed to eat later that night. But I was wrong. I left the Naam pretty full, and with gado gado on my mind.

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Peanut Soba Noodles

May 19

What do you make on a busy weekday night? As long as we’re feeling asian, peanut-y flavours, this dish is our go to. Not only is it delicious but it is so, so fast to throw together. Here are the steps I go through to whip up this meal in a snap: Put water on a boil for soba noodles, mix together sauce, cook soba noodles (they only take 3-4 minutes and it is possible to cook any vegetables you may be using in the same pot, making it a one-pot meal), rinse, reheat.

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