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havarti and pea shoot egg white omelette

Havarti and Pea Shoot Egg White Omelette

February 18

After making my last post here (earl grey tea ice cream!) I had a few egg whites hanging out in my fridge. Immediately, I thought of making an egg white omelette. Normally I scramble my egg whites but I can now confidently report that this is infinitely tastier. Unfortunately, it’s taken me so long to come around to egg white omelettes because I always thought of them as something that people on diets ate (which somehow made them way less appealing to me). I can assure you this isn’t the case, especially when you have extra egg whites because you just made some delicious ice cream, you load it up with cheese and serve it with parmesan and sage buttermilk biscuits.

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Green Omelette

September 14

All I wanted when we moved to a new place was a backyard or even a small balcony. While a backyard would be great for a number of reasons, even a small balcony would do because I always wanted to be able to keep a little herb garden for myself. Not only would a herb garden be great because of its freshness and accessibility but I always hate buying herbs. I hate buying herbs because I pretty much never use them up. I always end up using half of the bunch for whatever I bought it for and then have no idea what to do with the rest! This is the perfect dish to use up any leftover herbs you have lying around. It is so easy to make and customize according to whatever you have on hand.

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