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Best Oatmeal Ever

March 2

This is serious oatmeal business. For someone who has always hated (as in refused to eat in any form) oatmeal for as long as I can remember it feels like there is an unusual amount of oatmeal-related recipes on this relatively young blog. Well, what can I say? I’ve been converted. The other oatmeal recipe posted here was more of a revelation to me. It was cool that you could soak your oats overnight and wake up with a nice, filling breakfast, with some delicious toppings (if I may say so myself). In fact, for me, that one was all about the toppings, not the oats. This is quite the opposite.

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Persimmon and Pomegranate Overnight Oats

November 19

Two of the things that I miss over the summer are pomegranates and persimmons. Pomegranates are a staple in my home when they are in season. I usually de-seed a couple at a time and keep the seeds in a bowl in the fridge. There is nothing as satisfying as popping those, juicy, tart, delicious seeds in your mouth a spoonful at a time. Until recently, I have never even used them in any cooking, they are that good raw. Persimmons on the other hand are a newer discovery. When I was in London, my friend from Germany told me it was her favourite fruit. I have never heard of them before, let alone tried them but once I did I was sold.

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