pumpkin pecan loaf recipe

Pumpkin Pecan Loaf

November 22 While I could have left this pumpkin date spread to live happily in the fridge and consumed it in all sorts of ways, I felt like it was destined for this loaf. As I stared at my leftover can of pumpkin puree, willing an idea to come to mind, I thought of the most highly and […]

Coconut Bread

March 7 I told myself that I would be thankful for the warm weeks that we had here in January and that even if the winter got terrible, I wouldn’t be depressed because we had a nice break in between! Well, I guess that’s easier said than done. After week upon week of uninhabitable weather, […]

pecan, orange spelt loaf

Pecan, orange and cranberry loaf

January 5 Well that was weird. I just scheduled this recipe to go up and I had to change the year to 2014. I feel so old when I think that the 90s was 15 years ago. I still remember being in high school and having our computer teacher explain to us why the world […]

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chunks

June 16 We have a really hard time letting bananas go bad in our house. I will only eat bananas if they still have a little bit of green at the top of the stem, but regardless, it seems like no matter how many I buy they always get eaten. Why do I care? Well, […]