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pumpkin pecan loaf recipe

Pumpkin Pecan Loaf

November 22

While I could have left this pumpkin date spread to live happily in the fridge and consumed it in all sorts of ways, I felt like it was destined for this loaf. As I stared at my leftover can of pumpkin puree, willing an idea to come to mind, I thought of the most highly and consistently recommended dessert in our household: banana bread with chocolate chunks. While I know I must have baked a bunch of things as a child, this banana bread is the first thing I started baking on a consistent basis as an adult. It’s simple, takes one bowl to make, is very forgiving and is consistently delicious. So, as I looked at the pumpkin puree, that can only be described as “mush”, I thought of the mashed, overripe bananas that make my banana bread so moist and figured that the puree could play the same role.

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Coconut Bread

March 7

I told myself that I would be thankful for the warm weeks that we had here in January and that even if the winter got terrible, I wouldn’t be depressed because we had a nice break in between! Well, I guess that’s easier said than done. After week upon week of uninhabitable weather, where walking to the car feels like it’s too much to bear, I was at my breaking point. Luckily, the weather here is insane, and it can go from -30 to +5 in the span of one day. And so, I am happy to announce, that the sun is shining and the weather is more than bearable! Hooray. While I am fully aware that it will likely dip back down to face-burning, whimper-inducing cold sometime this season, right now I am enjoying the warmth of -1 degrees.

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pecan, orange spelt loaf

Pecan, orange and cranberry loaf

January 5

Well that was weird. I just scheduled this recipe to go up and I had to change the year to 2014. I feel so old when I think that the 90s was 15 years ago. I still remember being in high school and having our computer teacher explain to us why the world was going to end when Y2K hit and all of the computers shut down and the whole world would come to a halt. When this recipe goes up. I will be savouring my last few days of vacation. I am sure that I will not be looking forward to coming home but at least I will have this guy hidden in the freezer as a welcome home snack. The muffins that I made originally froze really well, so I assume this will too. It has a great crust when it comes out of the oven, crackly and delicate. My boyfriend prefers when it goes all soft after being wrapped in tinfoil for a few days, but I relish the crunch.

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Banana Bread with Chocolate Chunks

June 16

We have a really hard time letting bananas go bad in our house. I will only eat bananas if they still have a little bit of green at the top of the stem, but regardless, it seems like no matter how many I buy they always get eaten. Why do I care? Well, because of this banana bread.

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