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miso udon soup with soft boiled egg recipe

Udon Soup with a Soft Boiled Egg

December 9

Before I started this blog, I imagined the kitchens of food bloggers to be filled with wonderful food all of the time, and especially, an endless list of¬†ideas for dinner. While I can’t speak for anyone else, figuring out what to make for dinner is a pain almost every single night in our house. On top of the hassle of figuring out what to make, lately, there have been so many nights when it’s already 7 o’clock, we have no idea what to make and I’ve had to whip something up on the fly. Generally I want the meal to be satisfying but healthy and on the table in under twenty minutes. Luckily, this soup fits the bill.

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tamago on rice recipe

Tamago, Rice and Greens

October 22

My egg universe has recently expanded. I have certainly used eggs as a vessel to eat a lot of things. Omelettes, in particular have been a way to eat both classic and more unusual flavours. However, when I eat my eggs scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled I tend to season them with some salt and pepper at the most. I never actually considered flavouring the eggs themselves with anything else,¬†until I came across My Name is Yeh’s tamago recipe.

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Miso Soup Meal

March 20

Miso soup is one of those things that I always forget is in my repertoire. I think it’s because I usually make soup as a meal, not as a starter (that’s what salad is for more often than not) and normally, miso soup is not filling enough to be classified as dinner. I thoroughly enjoy miso soup but it makes me sad when I get some at a restaurant and there’s one piece of tofu, maybe a couple of pieces of seaweed, and a shitake mushroom floating around. While the broth is arguably the best part of miso soup, we can do better with the fillings people! In an attempt to have this ridiculously easy, fast meal on rotation more regularly, I decided to make it into more of a substantial meal.

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August 11

The food in Japan really left a mark on us. I think that it was largely because before we went our idea of what Japanese food was pretty much sushi. So, the process of discovering all sorts of wonderful food was always an adventure.

One of the most special meals that we associate with Japan is the first time we ate Okonomiyaki. We were in Hiroshima and were told by our hostel that we had to go to this multi-level building that had multiple food stations that all served Okonomiyaki, a specialty of the city. Of course, we went, and randomly chose a stool at one of the stalls. Luckily, I was able to get the vegetarian version of the dish. We sat there, watching the chef make Okonomiyaki like a pro, I can’t imagine how many he has made in his lifetime.

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