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yellow tropical smoothie

Yellow Tropical Smoothie

June 22

I’m currently convinced that smoothies are the perfect snack. They are refuelling, refreshing, filling, take no time to make and can be suited to whatever flavours you feel like in the moment. This is the final (for now) instalment of my video collaboration with my sister. She makes awesome youtube videos about all things beauty and was looking to post a workout routine video to go with a recipe. (If you are interested in seeing her workout routine, you can check out her video here!) In our discussions of our favourite post-workout snacks, smoothies were at the top of our lists: you get hydrated and full at the same time. Now that it’s warm outside, it’s also great for breakfast. I’ve been craving zesty, cooling smoothies instead of my go-to oatmeal these days.

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banana almond smoothie

Banana Almond Smoothie

February 2

I lived with a shitty blender for a very long time. To be fair, I always knew there were better ones out there but I hadn’t realized how much better, better could be. The blender had been dying a slow death for some time now. First, a little plastic piece on all of the cups broke off, so I had to stab a piece of the blender with a fork for it to actually blend. Then, the plastic piece that makes the blade spin slowly chipped away until it would spin no more. I have to admit, when it died, I wasn’t a happy camper. I wasn’t looking forward to shelling out cash for a new one, and it had served me well for many years. I have successfully made many smoothies with it, but I have to admit, now that I got a new and improved blender, I wish it had died sooner.

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