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citrus green tea cocktail

Citrus Green Tea Cocktail

April 10

Last summer, when we went to London, we went to a bar called Bourne & Hollingsworth. It’s one of those places that I had very fond memories of and wanted to bring my boyfriend to see. It’s a tiny place down a set of stairs. It’s extremely easy to miss. The small space is decorated like a grannies house and a lot of their drinks are served in teacups. If you manage to get a table, sitting listening, to the random music from the 90s is a treat. The best part about being there though it watching the bartenders make the drinks. They don’t put on a show of it, but they are meticulous in what they do. Each ingredient is carefully added, muddled or squeezed and the results are original and amazing. Given the price tag of the beverages, we only tried one drink each, but there were so many on the menu that looked amazing, and I’ve remembered a couple of them ever since.

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Sparkling Pomegranate Green Tea

November 1

I definitely think that pomegranates are the best thing about this time of year. I easily forget about them when I am enjoying the bounty of summer produce but when all of the berries and stone fruit disappear and it feels like all you’ll be eating over the winter are apples and pears, there are the pomegranates. Ruby red, juicy, and delicious by the spoonful, in oatmeal, over yogurt, and sometimes even in savoury dishes. Mostly by the spoonful though.

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