Avocado Fries

May 5 I have to admit, my first reaction when you say ‘warm avocado’ is not good. Avocado is fresh, belongs in salad and definitely cold. Well, avocado is also creamy and rich, and I have to admit, delicious warm. If you’ve never had panko crusted, fried avocado, you are missing out. Creamy, crispy and […]

Poutine: Indian Style

September 5 A couple of weeks ago I helped my boyfriend make his lunch for the week. We made chicken, butter chicken sauce, Indian spiced mashed potatoes and swiss chard and radish salad. His lunches are pretty much always very meat-centric so I never taste them, let alone eat them myself. However, I couldn’t stop […]

Oven Fries with Roasted Red Pepper Dip

July 22 I’ve been really into making dips lately. Back when we lived in Vancouver, I would stop at the grocery store on our corner every day before I went home and pick up something to cook dinner with. Now that I have to drive to the grocery store, I try to just buy a […]