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shrimp dumplings recipe

Shrimp Dumplings

December 24

I recently had to empty the majority of my freezer. I sold my bagels at a farmer’s market here in Calgary. This meant freezing a lot of dough. Fifteen dozen bagels to be exact. While I was extremely thankful that I was able to freeze the raw dough without compromising on quality (I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make 18 dozen bagels completely by hand, on my own, in my teeny tiny kitchen the morning of the market), it also meant that I had to give up my freezer for about a week. Now that it is empty again, and I have a window before the next market (January 21, 2015!), I have already started to fill it up.

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vegetarian potstickers recipe

Vegetarian Green Potstickers

October 2

As a vegetarian, I always feel like I get the short-end of the potsticker stick. One of the things I miss from my meat eating days (childhood, really, since I haven’t eaten meat since I am 12) is wonton soup. It isn’t so much the taste of the soup but the texture of the wontons that I miss. To me, wontons, dumplings, and potstickers are all in the same boat. I find it especially hard to find vegetarian versions and even when I do find some on a restaurant menu, my meat-eating company never really wants to get them. And so, I have resorted to making them at home.

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