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Yellow Curry Shrimp

October 11

I suffer from food envy. When I am at a restaurant and someone I am eating with gets something that looks better than my meal, I get kind of sad, regretting my own choice no matter how good it is. Luckily, I am a vegetarian, my company usually isn’t and I don’t have meat envy. On top of the actual food envy, my need to avoid food envy at all costs means that ordering food at a restaurant is usually quite the process for me. I am always worried that I will regret what I ordered, order the wrong thing, want what someone at my table or a table next to me is having. It really shouldn’t be all that stressful right? Eating out is supposed to be fun! Anyway, last week I was out to dinner with some people from work and one of my co-workers decided to order Thai yellow curry. With potential food envy looming over my head, I immediately changed my order and got it too.

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