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pecan, orange spelt loaf

Pecan, orange and cranberry loaf

January 5

Well that was weird. I just scheduled this recipe to go up and I had to change the year to 2014. I feel so old when I think that the 90s was 15 years ago. I still remember being in high school and having our computer teacher explain to us why the world was going to end when Y2K hit and all of the computers shut down and the whole world would come to a halt. When this recipe goes up. I will be savouring my last few days of vacation. I am sure that I will not be looking forward to coming home but at least I will have this guy hidden in the freezer as a welcome home snack. The muffins that I made originally froze really well, so I assume this will too. It has a great crust when it comes out of the oven, crackly and delicate. My boyfriend prefers when it goes all soft after being wrapped in tinfoil for a few days, but I relish the crunch.

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Cranberry Fig Newtons

December 16

A couple of weeks ago I was going on a work retreat. A potluck was being organized and I decided to volunteer to make dessert. I chose dessert because I like posting recipes up here but don’t like having to eat it all by myself, so I figured a potluck was a perfect opportunity to make something sweet to share with lots of people. Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. As the food restrictions came pouring in, I realized that I had to make a gluten free, vegan, nut free dessert. That meant no eggs, no butter, no flour (unless it was an overwhelming combination of a bunch of flours I didn’t have), and no nuts to simulate all of the above. It wasn’t like I could back out, so I started to do my research. I came up with two viable options. The first, being a fruit crisp like this one on Cookie and Kate. I thought that maybe this was the most obvious choice and left it out there in case my co-worker who was also making dessert chose to go in that direction. The second option that I found was a recipe for Fig Newtons on My New Roots (a beautiful blog that focuses on healthy ingredients, which I knew would come through in terms of looking for a recipe built around dietary restrictions).

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