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Cinnamon Raisin Bread

January 27

Who doesn’t love raisin bread? I feel like everyone should love raisin bread! If this is the case (and it might not be) I find it very surprising that over the past few years, and places that we’ve lived, we have found it pretty hard to find raisin bread in bakeries (shame on you Vancouver and Calgary). I am not claiming that we have done a thorough investigation on the raisin bread front, but whenever we have gone to bakeries, we have never come across a nice loaf of raisin bread. In my mind, raisin bread is a pretty normal thing to have around. My boyfriend used to work at a German bakery in Montreal and they sold the BEST raisin bread in the world. I have to admit that it was a more dessert-like bread, made rich with quark and crusty with a sugary top.

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Tea to Make your House smell Good

December 30

delicious smelling orange peel, cloves, star anise and cinnamon
The one thing I won’t let my boyfriend cook in the house (or strongly discourage him to cook, I guess if he rebelled he could make whatever he wants) is bacon. I just can’t stand the smell of it and it seems to permeate everything. Maybe I am super sensitive to smells, but I really find that when a strongly-scented meal is cooked, I can smell it on my clothes (not the ones that I was wearing, the ones hanging in the closet) for days. Therefore, one of the most challenging aspects of winter is not only that it is so cold outside but that I can’t open my windows because it would make it so cold inside. This definitely results in a stuffy and sometimes smelly apartment. Whenever it sneaks up closer to 0 degrees, I open up the windows and let the fresh air fill the room. It is always so short lived though.

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Chai Tea

October 20

One of my main issues with moving to Calgary was the fact that I would have to experience a real winter once again. While London and Vancouver are not reknowned for having the best weather (can someone say overcast and rainy?) I really didn’t find either city to be as bad as most people would like to have you believe. I could wear real shoes, my parka was completely useless, and I didn’t need to wear a ski mask walking around the city (yes, I was known to do this all the time during the winter in Montreal. It’s a little scary, but it’s also a lot cold!). So, as October creeps to an end and it is already below zero at night, I am trying to embrace the impending freezing next few months.

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