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My London Food Adventure

July 31

I got to spend some time in London this month. It was the first time I was back since I finished my degree and everything felt so wonderfully familiar. While I love the feeling of discovering a completely new place, there is something nice about returning to a city that holds so many great memories. I basically wandered for hours upon hours every day, the only structure often being a number of food markets I wanted to stop by along the way. This trip confirmed that I am a market addict. I realize that most people would not centre a trip to London around the food markets (that are absurdly and wonderfully abundant), but I certainly did.

Before I get to the markets though, there were actually a few restaurants I went to that I really enjoyed. The first, is Bone Daddies. There are very few restaurants that I would be willing to eat at when it’s 30C outside, when I only intend to eat hot soup, and where I know I will be dying of heat in a small space with very little air circulation. Needless to say, Bone Daddies gave me a reason to suck it up (and sweat it out) twice. I have very rarely had the opportunity to eat at a ramen place where the vegetarian fare that they offer is so delicious and satisfying. The mushroom broth was packed full with mushrooms, noodles, tofu, greens and a perfectly runny boiled egg. I can hardly imagine how they get so much flavour into the broth, but I’m going to have to try. In fact, that will probably be a recurring theme over the next couple of paragraphs: I have to try and make this at home.

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