triple chocolate rye muffins recipe

Triple Chocolate and Rye Muffins

March 17 I’ve been seeing a bunch of recipes combining rye and chocolate lately. Personally, I couldn’t get the combination out of my head but didn’t have any rye flour at home, so it went on the back burner. This weekend, though, when I bought some cocoa nibs (at the best spice store ever!), I […]

Coconut Bread

March 7 I told myself that I would be thankful for the warm weeks that we had here in January and that even if the winter got terrible, I wouldn’t be depressed because we had a nice break in between! Well, I guess that’s easier said than done. After week upon week of uninhabitable weather, […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

January 27 Who doesn’t love raisin bread? I feel like everyone should love raisin bread! If this is the case (and it might not be) I find it very surprising that over the past few years, and places that we’ve lived, we have found it pretty hard to find raisin bread in bakeries (shame on […]

pecan, orange spelt loaf

Pecan, orange and cranberry loaf

January 5 Well that was weird. I just scheduled this recipe to go up and I had to change the year to 2014. I feel so old when I think that the 90s was 15 years ago. I still remember being in high school and having our computer teacher explain to us why the world […]