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soft boiled egg with arugula pesto toast recipe

Dunking Egg with Arugula Pesto Toast

September 15

My first egg memory is of my grandmother making me “dunkie” eggs, which is basically a soft boiled egg, with the top chopped off that you dip buttered toast soldiers into. She always had really cute egg holders, which I clearly don’t have but I made do with a couple of spoons. Eating this dish is a thoroughly satisfying experience. First, you get to eat the tiny bit of egg white that stuck in the top of the egg that’s been chopped off, the yolk totally gushes out with the first dunk, and once your done dunking your deliciously buttered toast into the egg, you scoop the remaining egg white out with a tiny spoon.

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Raw Beet and Radish Salad

October 17

I used to make ‘purple soup’ all of the time. Basically, it was a super simple soup made of blended kidney beans, onions, garlic and a few spices. I usually kept it pretty thick, so on top of it being a purplish/grey color, it was also pretty lumpy. It was cheap, fast and easy to make, but it certainly looked like a bowl of gruel. I remember the first time I made it in London. My flatmates got a glimpse of it and they were pretty turned off. I had to convince them that it was actually delicious, and when they tasted it, they agreed. For the most part, I am completely happy with a dish like that, but sometimes you need a little color and beauty in your food, and today was one of those days.

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