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Amarula milkshake

Milkshake à la el Jefe

December 31

I used to think New Year’s eve was just another day and sometimes it is. Other times, though, it’s an excuse to get all of your best friends scattered across different cities together in one room to hang out, have fun, and consume some delicious food and beverage. As this year is more of a regular year, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. The last New Year’s eve when all of our oldest friends were together in one place was December 31st, 2012. We were at one of my best, oldest friend’s apartment. This friend will be referred to as ‘el Jefe’ for the remainder of this post.

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lychee and grapefruit cocktail recipe

Lychee and Grapefruit Juice

August 24

Pink drink of the week #2. The first time I had a lychee-based drink was the night after the mammoth bike ride that I did last year. It’s definitely not something that you see everywhere, and it caught both of our eyes as something we definitely wanted to try. It was delicious. Lychee has a very distinct, sweet and refreshing flavour that translates really well in a cocktail. The second time I had a lychee based cocktail was last month in London at the cocktail shed at Dalston Street Feast (more about Street Feast here). We bought a jug of a grapefruit, lemon and lychee cocktail and the tart citrus mixed perfectly with the sweetness of the lychee. The moral of the story: this juice can easily become a very delicious cocktail, but for now, it’s just juice.

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