pistachio ice cream recipe

Pistachio Ice Cream

September 2

I grew up watching my dad eat handfuls of pistachios at a time, but I never associated them with cooking. I think the first time I actually made something with the beautiful green nuts was this granola. But since then, I never thought of actually cooking with them until we went to Italy this past July. In Sicily, pistachios are in everything: savoury pasta dishes, sweet cookies, and best of all, gelato. I have no shame in saying that it was a requirement to get gelato every night after dinner. There were so many flavours to try and there is really nothing that compares to eating good quality gelato, in a handmade cone, walking the streets of Europe.

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2 thoughts on “Pistachio Ice Cream

  1. Jules @ WolfItDown

    Pistachio ice cream is my favourite! I remember moving to the UK and ordering green ice cream and to my “horror” it was mint choc chip! Don’t get me wrong,I like that too, but when your absolute favourite is pistachio then… it’s just not the same. Thanks for sharing this recipe! x

    1. mysecondbreakfast Post author

      I never ate pistachio ice cream as a kid but I’m so glad I discovered it now. I agree that it is so delicious!


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