Montreal Bagels

Montreal poppy seed bagel
July 14

I have to say when I read that loveandoliveoil’s monthly challenge was to make bagels, I was pretty stoked. In many ways, making bagels was one of my main inspirations for becoming more adventurous in the kitchen. When I was living in London, my boyfriend (who was living in Vancouver at the time) decided to make bagels with a friend of his and he later told me how much fun it was and what a success they were. I had never thought it was even possible to make bagels at home. Coming from Montreal, I was (and still am) pretty snobby about my bagels (because Montreal bagels are awesome, not because people from Montreal are snobs!) and I thought it would be a great thing to do and share with my new-found friends in London.

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4 thoughts on “Montreal Bagels

  1. Hi! I made these this weekend and they were amazing. I used instant yeast and i still had to use the warm water or it wouldn’t turn into dough with the right consistency. We had coconut flakes laying around so for the chocolate bagels we coated them in coconut- so good! Thanks for the recipe.

    1. That sounds awesome. Did the coconut flakes burn? I’ve been thinking of testing out a coconut version for the market but that was my concern.

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