Chamomile Iced Tea

August 17

I have been in a mild state of panic lately. About 4 months ago, I decided it was a good idea to sign up for a cycling event that is now one week away. In many ways, it was actually a great idea. I trained all summer, which gave me something to do and forced me to get outside almost every day. We got to explore the bike paths in and around Calgary, which are fantastic. And I am probably in the best shape of my life. However, the event is 144 km and sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. Before this summer, I have never biked more than 35 km at one time (and that was a special occasion). I have also never been particularly athletic, nor have I ever challenged myself physically and mentally in such an extreme way, so I don’t really know what to expect from myself on the day. All that I know now is that it is only a week away and I not only panic while I am on the bike (i.e. being 70 km into a ride, wanting it to be over, and imagining having to do that TWICE on the real day) but also when I am off the bike.

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