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Banana Split Ice Cream

August 20

So, at first I was planning on making roasted banana ice cream. I thought that it sounded delicious and simple and clearly (if you look at my other dessert recipes), I am a fan of bananas in dessert. Of course my next thought was ‘wouldn’t roasted banana ice cream be even better with the addition of chocolate?’. Of course the answer was yes, but this made me think of a banana split, hence, the addition of some strawberry sauce swirl. Although I had a few concerns about complicating the flavors of the ice cream, it turned out as fantastic as I had hoped.

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Pine nut gelato

July 27

I wasn’t planning on posting anything made with the ice cream maker again for a while; mostly because I know that not everyone has an ice cream maker. But, I guess tis the season, and this gelato was too ridiculously good to not share. Also, I never, ever would have thought of this flavor combination on my own, so my hope that I can bring the wonders of pine nut gelato to your home.

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Coconut Ice Cream

July 24

coconut ice cream
My collection of kitchen toys seems to have exploded over the past couple of months. I have definitely downgraded in terms of my kitchen itself since we moved to Calgary but I guess that being in the kitchen, experimenting with new tools and products makes me happy. I find myself buying things that ‘I’ve always wanted’ but also always thought was either a little excessive or something we should hold off on getting until we finally settle down. All of that’s gone out the window. Since we moved here, I have acquired a small food processor, juicer and last but not least, an ice cream maker!

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Peaches and Coconut Cream Popsicle

July 17

Although I am incredibly excited by the abundance of fresh, cheap berries available all over the place, I have been enjoying the peaches even more. Whenever I bite into the perfect, juicy peach I always think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes beserk for Mackinaw peaches. I think that in some ways, it is so very satisfying to bite into a perfectly ripe peach because I know how terrible, mealy and dry they can be, a perfect peach is like “a miracle of nature that exists for a brief period… like the aurora borealis” (as Kramer would say). Lately, I have been on a role with perfect peach after perfect peach and couldn’t be happier.

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