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Coconut and Dark Chocolate Popsicles

July 26

Popsicle experiment number 2: success. When I was in Montreal about a month ago, I went to a delicious food truck with one of my friends at Atwater Market called “Satay Brothers”. I enjoyed a tofu sandwich but I also noticed that they had some pretty interesting ‘paletas’ for sale as well. Paleta (from what I understand) is basically what they call popsicles in Latin America. They can be cream or water based and are usually made with fresh ingredients like fruit or nuts. After I came home, I decided to google the most popular paleta flavours and this was one of them.

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Roasted Plum and Black Tea Popsicles

July 11

Why do I only make popsicles in the summer time? I know they are cold, but I make plenty of cold things year round. Since these popsicles have been in my fridge this week, I’ve really enjoyed having them on hand as a snack. Hopefully I can get in the popsicle groove and find some addictive ones that will stock my freezer in all seasons. This seems like a good start since  I “had to” eat them really quickly because I wanted to make a couple of other popsicle recipes before I take off for a few weeks, and I didn’t get sick of them even though I ate all six (on my own, my boyfriend is not a fan of the taste of tea) in a couple of days.

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s'more ice cream recipe

S’more Ice Cream

July 3

Last weekend I went camping for the first time ever. We went to Waterton Lakes National Park, which is about three hours south of Calgary. There were a lot of things that stand out to me when I think of the trip. On the negative side, it was extremely windy (we were convinced our tent would be blown away with us in it our second night) and cold and slightly rainy. On the positive side, the natural surroundings were beautiful. I still can’t get over how incredible the rockies are. It was wildflower season so there was tons of colourful flowers in bloom. And, most importantly, after three years of living out west, we finally saw some bears! An adult with three cubs to be exact. They walked right in front of our car. It was amazing. We also saw a bison up close and a moose. Does it get any better than that?

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Black Sesame Ice Cream

May 22

By far the best (and possibly most expensive?) gelato place in Vancouver is Bella Gelateria. It was certainly a treat when we lived there but when we visit a couple times a year, we always try to go (as long as the line-up isn’t too long). On top of the amazing texture of the gelato, the flavours are unique and beyond delicious. Last time we went I finally had pandan, which is a leaf that is used in Southeast Asian cooking and has a completely unique flavour, I can’t really describe it. If I ever come across the leaves, I will definitely have to try out making it at home. In the meantime, my boyfriend got black sesame last time we were there and when I saw the black sesames in the store this week, I knew I had to give some ice cream a shot.

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