Silky Sweet Potato Soup

October 25 A couple of weeks ago, I stopped making bagels for the farmer’s market. Selling bagels was something that I always wanted to try but I got to a place where I couldn’t grow the business anymore (I definitely reached my capacity in terms of the number of bagels that I was able to make […]

Healthy Breakfast Apple Muffins

Healthy Breakfast Apple Muffins

September 27 It really feels like autumn here now. The trees are golden, the apples and pears have taken over the markets, and there is a clean, crisp feeling to the air. Today we went to see the larches. They look like coniferous trees but turn yellow at the end of September. I’ve heard a […]

green spring soup

Spring Green Soup

May 13 I have a little herb family! I have absolutely no access to the outdoors, but I have a great big window in the apartment and after doing some reading, I learned that you can actually grow herbs indoors. I took the plunge despite the fact that I am pretty notorious for killing my […]

chocolate babka

Chocolate Babka

April 30 It’s that time of year again. A few days ago it was my boyfriend’s birthday. For special occasions, we don’t buy gifts for one another but we always make sure there are homemade cards. On birthdays, there is also always cake. Even though I make the cake for him, I also like to […]