Asian Veggie Burger and Slaw

April 30

Do you ever cook something and think you are being totally inventive? Throwing things together and hoping they will work, and when they do, you pat yourself on the back for putting something so great together, and on the first try no less! Anyway, that’s what I thought happened with this veggie burger. I ran out of these a while ago and decided that I wanted a good burger for dinner, but instead of a bean base, I went with lentils and rice and added some asian flavours. As I was shaping the patties, it occurred to me that I clearly subconsciously took a lot of inspiration from Sprouted Kitchen’s Asian nuggets, which were absolutely delicious. It’s amazing how much you absorb, reading blog after blog- I never would have thought of making a lentil/rice based veggie burger on my own (even though it totally felt like I did).

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